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The Benefits of Outsourced Storage & Distribution

If you're looking to improve the logistics of your e-commerce business, then your warehouse and distribution strategy is critical to your success. Perhaps you've been stocking and packaging your products at home and are looking to upscale your business for your growing consumer base, or maybe you're sick of wasting time and resources on your own storage and distribution, which just isn't cutting it anymore.

Whatever it may be, outsourcing your storage and distribution is a fantastic way for you to buy some time to focus on the essential things in your business and ensure your customers are satisfied.

Here are the benefits of outsourcing your storage and distribution:

Outsourcing Allows you To Scale Profitably:

As the demands of your business grow and shift, you might worry that your current storage solution will crumble under the needs of your business. With outsourcing, this won't be a worry – they will deal with maintaining a consistent level of stock appropriate to your business's scale. They'll also be able to overcome any issues with transportation, whether it be volatile fuel prices or driver capacity.

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Outsourced Fulfilment Centres Will Add Value to Your Business

Outsourcing your storage and distribution also allows you to reap more benefits for yourself and your consumers. Storage and Distribution centres can deal with aspects such as collation, kitting, and returns for you.

That means if you're selling a multi-product pack like a two-for-one deal or a gift set, storage and distribution can deal with all the logistics involved to ship out a consistent and efficient product. You also won't have to be concerned about dealing with the hassle involved with processing returns, replacements and restocking since an outsourced storage and distribution company will handle all of that for you.

Gain Industry Expertise

With the help of a storage & distribution centre, you can also leave the expertise of knowing the workings of product flows and process optimization for a supply chain to the fulfilment centre.

This will allow you to continuously evolve as an e-commerce representative and drive efficiency, cost improvement and productivity with ease. In addition, with time freed up to focus on your core business, there are much fewer barriers to growing your marketing, product and revenue streams.

Save on Costs

The very first reason why people opt for outsourcing when it comes to supply and distribution is that it will save you plenty of money, time and resources! These savings occur not just in the storage and distribution process but also in the staff.

By outsourcing, you can entrust the expertise of great warehouse employees, which will improve productivity and reduce your turnover. You are also offered peace of mind that safety is accounted for with reduced incidents and a better workplace environment for your employees.

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Outsourcing your distribution and storage is a no-brainer with the leverage of industry expertise, cost cutting, added value, and scaling. With the power of outsourcing, you can concentrate on what you do best and help improve your business in plenty of profitable ways.

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