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Happy 5 years Joe

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

IT Developmrnt manager, Joe Thorn, today celebrated a huge milestone of being at thefullworks - solutions made easy. for 5 years.

Joe has had an enormous impact on the growth, success and development of the company and staff. His role as the IT Development Manager has meant he has been integral to the made easy. technology solutions that we are able to offer.

thefullworks - Solutions made easy founder and director, Simon Tutton recounted, Joe's journey,

After the business crowdfunded in 2017 , I was looking for an office admin/ manager who could start taking on operational responsibilities. We interviewed lots of potential candidates, and then a man tall in stature, a bear like man, entered the room and told us his life story - the ups and downs, the tough times, the 4 young kids, having worked for Deloitte as IT support, then having taken the last 10 years out to raise a family and be there to keep a family together. This was a man overqualified for us , but wanted to be part of a small growing company to make a difference - well he would do anything as long as he could do the school runs!

Joe has grown into a key management role, and evolved thefullworks offering, Simon said.
Fast forward 5 years and I have to say taking on Joe was one of the best decisions we ever made. He has taken over the IT development, become a lynchpin on jointly running the company and deals with problems head on. Thinks out of the box, in the box and through the box and best of all he is not scared to say "no" to customers, colleagues and suppliers alike! 

Joe's incredible ability to solve problems for TFW's clients has lead to the Solutions made easy. product range. and why Simon holds him in such high regard.

Joe, thank you for being a colleague, friend, legendary member of thefullworks journey. I can certainly promise a few more ups and downs that corporate life will bring, but I think with you on board we can continue to enjoy the company adventure and reach for more great things for you and the rest of thefullworks team
Happy 5 year anniversary and thank you!

If you would like to find out more about our solutions, products and services, then head over to our Solutions made easy. page.

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