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eCommerce: The Rise of Online Selling

The COVID pandemic halted the world to a standstill. With millions of people left at home twiddling their thumbs, there was one thing to do to fill the void of everyday life: get online shopping!


Since the pandemic, eCommerce websites have been skyrocketing, with tons of new businesses being established online every day. Like any business in an overpopulated industry, the quality of products and services tend to vary greatly. When consumers buy from a new e-commerce website, they often roll the dice on getting the best bang for their buck or a thinly veiled scam!


So how can e-commerce business owners rise above the sea of other sellers in their niche? Here are the top 5 tips for e-commerce shop owners to become established, trustworthy brands:


Invest in Quality Storage and Fulfilment


Nothing is worse than an eCommerce website that fails to deliver on its promises. We're sure if you've tried to buy products from a variety of up-and-coming e-commerce websites, you've had to deal with unexpected waiting times, lack of stock, and a host of other issues that comes down to poor storage and fulfilment management.


Any consumer will be put off your products if you're constantly late to deliver and low on stock. That's why it's vital to invest in a quality storage and fulfilment solution. It will empower your company and mean you can focus on building your brand and save money, time and resources!


Have a Unique Selling Point


Out of the top one million most visited websites, 32.7% were e-commerce. With that much competition and big guns like Amazon and eBay taking up the lion's share of e-commerce traffic, it's essential to stand out from the crowd.


Try to focus on what makes your e-commerce website unique and lean into it! By establishing yourself as a unique brand, you can ensure that customers will keep coming back again and again.


Use the Power of Social Media


Often times people won't know they need your product until it's right up in their face. Bolstered by a strong, effective social media presence and a few influencer promotions, you can establish your brand as the go-to website for the niche items you are selling. Otherwise, consumers may go straight to Amazon to look for what you're providing.


Get to Know Your Customer


Where does your customer usually shop? What websites would they often visit online? What things will they be likely to search on Google? Knowing your customer in and out will ensure that you can implement the best marketing strategy for your e-commerce website to cut through and leave you as a top contender.


Provide Great Customer Service


The most profitable way to run your e-commerce website is through repeat customers. By providing great customer service with a personal touch, you can ensure your e-commerce store leaves a good impression on any customer who purchases something so that they keep coming back for more. They might even tell a friend!  

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