Is there a setup fee?

Usually there isn’t as customers have full access to the backend system to upload products, images, prices etc. themselves. However, appreciate time may be an issue for some entrepreneurs so our Support Team can do the work for you, for a small fee. The fee various depending on the work involved and will be charged at a reasonable hourly rate.

What is the length of contract?

Our business model is a monthly subscription paid by standing order/direct debit. We appreciate things can change quickly in business so only look for an initial commitment of 3 months and a 30-day notice period. However, this depends on the amount (if any) of bespoke development work has gone into your store. Please contact the Support Team to discuss in more detail.

Once the store is live can I made amends?

Yes! You will have complete control of the backend admin system so products can be turned off and on, descriptions changed, prices amended, product banners changed to publicise special offers etc.

Can I change my payment gateway or add alternative methods?

Yes! Feel free to add multiple payment gateways to the checkout page to give your purchasers more choice. We are currently integrated to X payment gateways. If you need another, please contact our Support Team

Can I use new features as they are released?

Yes! The platform has been built with the wider eCommerce community in mind. When new features are released you will have access to them straight away. We do not have a tiered pricing structure to gain access to certain features.

How can I get support with building my store and other areas?

Yes! Our Support Team is on hand 24/7 in all areas. We can be contacted on 020 3972 3222 or info@thefull.works. Normal working hours are 9am to 5:30pm. For assistance out of these hours please email with the request giving contact details and an explanation of what’s needed and one of the Support Team will be in contact that day or night.

Is the platform PCI Compliant?

Yes! We take security very seriously. The platform is PCI Compliant, regularly PEN tested and all bespoke domains have an SSL Certificate. Please see the Security and Technical pages (link to the pages/info Simon has supplied). If more information is required, please contact the Support Team.

Can I use a standard theme/template without coding knowledge?

Yes! All the standard themes/templates are very easy to use and have been built with non-IT people in mind. Follow the easy to understand onscreen instructions and the natural process of how the system works.

Can I see orders as they are placed?

Yes! Orders can be viewed and processing on the backend using the Order Processing section. All orders come into this area with a breakdown of statuses i.e. received, confirmed, paid, awaiting payment, delivered etc.

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