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Reward those who deserve it!!

Your BRAND NEW loyalty rewards store for you and your end clients is just a click away! A new channel for your merchandise sales....and with free setup it has never been easier! 

How has COVID-19 affected you and your business? We have found, from feedback with various clients, that one of the main issues that has arose has been the inability to reward their end clients and their customers like they usually would.

We got our thinking caps on and we came up with our brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) concept of a personal online rewards store.

The world has experienced a HUGE change over the past couple of months and the way we carry out our normal everyday lives may never go back to being the same again. For example, the way we buy and sell merchandise may never go back to how it was before, hence why we have developed this exciting new idea to aid and help the merchandise world to successfully continue to grow.

Loyalty has never been so important for business so why not take up this great opportunity to reward your loyal customers and clients, showing them that they have not been forgotten and that they are still just as much appreciated in these hard times.

Some examples of how our reward stores are already being used.

1.    Working from home pack / premium gift – 200 codes were sent out to individual employees, 180 of them were for working from home packs and 20 of them were for a premium item

2.    Online conferences – At physical conferences, merchandise is often given out, as everything is online now then that’s not feasibly possible – instead people who attend the virtual conference are given a code that they can redeem once against a free gift on the store

3.    A supplier is using the site to send out gift codes to perspective clients – by doing this they send out examples of their merchandise but also retain customer information and generate new leads.

Reward your current clients, or send out gifts to perspective ones who are not quite on board yet.

Further Information & Features

1. The stores themselves can be branded with your (or your customers) logos and colours

2. You can control what gifts the customer sees on the store by the value of the gift code. For example, directors could see gold gifts, managers silver gifts and other employees bronze gifts.

These brand new stores are charged on a monthly basis with no fixed term contract and are setup free of charge.

This allows a simple, straightforward process for customers / clients to redeem a gift code against products on your own personal rewards store using your own range of products.

If you would like to see an example of this in practice please contact us and we will send you a gift code to our demo store for you to try out.

Stay safe!


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