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New eCommerce Features

Our eCommerce solutions, are feature packed and powerful, we regularly develop new tools and features to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

Virtual Products

Now add Gift Cards, Charity Donations, Employee Gifts, Days Holiday

Gift Codes

Purchased on check out with a value then given to employees, clients, prospects so they can order their swag etc.

Stock audits

For clients we don’t hold stock can run a full audit report on individual products.

Packing lists

clients who manage their own fulfilment can create a packing list for their pick / pack teams to fulfil

Commercial invoices

The system can generate a customisable commercial invoice on a per order basis, saving a massive amount of time.

Some of the features are included free of charge, and some are paid add-ons. Get in touch with us, to find out which you want added.

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