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International Sloth Day 2022

thefullworks were thrilled to open the diary and find out that today is International Sloth Day! 🦥

It’s fair to say we love the Sloth - what other creature in the world is quite so good at making and taking life easy as our friends the Bradypodidae and Choloepodidae?  Please don’t ever think they are just lazy,  as they are cruelly labelled to be - rather they are incredibly efficient, with every move deliberate and considered to get them the maximum result with the minimum of effort.  

It’s no wonder we at TFW have often considered the wonderful, beautiful sloths our spirit animal - we too are all about making business easy. Our range of tools and solutions made easy. allow you to be sloth-like too - giving you the time to look around you at the world, and your business, and make a conscious choice what to get up to next.  

Why rush from one order or project (or tree or snack) to the next, without taking the time to stop and really plan how to use your energy to get the maximum benefit?  Whether it’s Collation made easy. or Storage made easy. that time you get back can be spent, Sloth-like, gazing at your world and working out what you really want to do next.

That gets us to wondering - how many other teams or businesses have identified their spirit animals? We’d love to hear about yours - any more sloths out there?

International Sloth Day is now firmly marked in our calendar - find out more about these remarkable and let’s face it, incredibly cute, creatures and how to help protect them, at Sloth Conservation.

And follow our link to find out more about our solutions made easy.

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