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COVID-19 - Deliveries, eCommerce & General Update

What a crazy time to be living in…we can’t leave our homes, we are queuing to go food shopping and fighting over toilet paper – a mind blowing experience but one we can most definitely learn and grow from.

As a company, when this all began, we were unsure where it was going to leave us – were we going to be able to carry on as normal? How would our clients cope? Was working from home going to work?

We had many questions at the beginning, some have since been answered and yet some are still in the balance. Overall as a business we are doing well, the majority of the office are working from home apart from our lovely Izabela who is in the office to coordinate any orders coming in and ensuring they go out on time – just like normal! The rest of us are working from home, which is working well but strange to not see everyone everyday…thank God for Skype and Zoom!!!

Throughout this experience we have learnt to cope with the situation, mainly by trying to carry on like normal but also working very closely with our warehouse team, the couriers and our wonderful clients to ensure we are supporting everyone as much as we can. Some clients have seen a drop in orders, which was to be expected, but on the flip side some clients have seen a mass increase in orders – which is amazing news! Whichever end of the spectrum our clients are on, we are supporting them fully to ensure they feel, when this is all over, they can carry on just like before – or even with improvements!!

We must say thank-you and be super grateful to the wonderful couriers we work with every single day. As courier drivers are considered key workers, we are still able to provide a pretty much normal service our end – picking and packing the orders and getting them sent out quickly. However, the issues are arising at the other end, the receiving end, especially in countries such as Spain and Italy who have been hit hard by the virus. We are still able to send products out to these countries but sometimes there are delays their end due to lack of staff or businesses being closed. We are working closely with the courier companies to try and ensure a normal service but sometimes situations like these produce delays that are out of our control. We are super proud of our team and the courier drivers for working so hard and providing such a great service – where would we be without them?!

We are getting regular updates from our couriers on the situation in each affected country and the delays to be expected which is greatly received and relied upon in times like these. If anyone has any questions regarding delivery at this time please do not hesitate to comment below or drop us a message at and we will try and give you the best advice and guidelines to follow.

Overall, as a company, we are making the best out of an awful and scary situation. Teamwork has never been so important, and we are lucky enough to have a great team of people around us, both and work and at home and we are extremely grateful for that. To our clients – we are proud of the difficulties you are overcoming, and we hope things are back to normal for EVERYONE soon…we are in this together and we will work through it!! Here at thefullworks we want everyone to feel supported and at ease as much as possible during this time so if anyone needs a hand, a bit of support or even just a chat to stop you loosing your mind please let us know – we are a phone call or zoom call away!

thefullworks x

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