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Garnier Case Study

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Collation influences Garnier campaign


Our client, a social media marketing company, needed a solution to quickly and cost-effectively target the right social influencers for her client, high end skin care brand, Garnier.

“Making sure my client’s incredible new products get into the right hands to give them the social media exposure they need, is critical to the success of my client’s campaign, and my business”, explained Rosalind Shimmen founder of Socials House.

TheFullWorks solution – Collation made easy.

Garnier knew it was key that the collation and presentation of the products in the packaging told the story, from the moment they arrived in the influencers hands; she trusted TheFullWorks to not only deliver the packages but to deliver the wow-factor.

The six products were delivered into TheFullWorks, distribution centre from various suppliers at different times. Once, all the items, marketing inserts, bespoke branded packaging and influencer data were ready, the highly skilled, collation team, picked all the items from warehouse and storage zone of the TFW distribution Centre for Garniers collation project, then unpacked all the elements before collating into printed boxes with sizzle pack and hand finished, with care and attention taking to ensure everything looked perfect, down to the positioning of the delivery labels on the boxes.

Once the collation has been done to the client’s exact specification, there were a range of options for delivering the packages, depending on the client’s priorities – high speed, maximum trackability, or lowest cost. 

For Rosalind Shimmen, the 48 hour Royal Mail Untracked service fit the bill, giving her client the price point for the campaign they had budgeted. 

Had the deliveries been time sensitive, to hit a launch date for example, TheFullWorks would have advised a tracked and signed for service, which gives clients enormous peace of mind.

The Results

Socials House commented, “We are really pleased and impressed with the service and value for money I received from TheFullWorks; their knowledge and advice was invaluable and they helped me every step of the way to make sure the project worked seamlessly.  I have already completed a follow up campaign through TheFullWorks, dispatching two UV skincare products in a simple jiffy bag, and again the process was simple, easy and effective.  Knowing I can leave my precious collation projects in safe hands is so reassuring and most importantly, my client was thrilled with the results."



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