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Your online store, warehousing, multi channel fulfilment and global distribution, all on one hassle-free platform.

Meet The Team

thefullworks - Team Global

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Growing an agile company is a great adventure.

Greatest asset? The dedicated and passionate team at tfw along with complete self belief that anything is possible.




IT Development Manager

All round dogsbody, you'll find me talking tech with our development team, chatting customs with clients plus anything & everything else!




Office Manager

I spend my day making sure the office is running smoothly, managing our client accounts & organising company events such as our all important Christmas party!






Wherever you want to ship too - I can make it happen! I am your warehousing and delivery guru and can advise you on all customs, duties & taxes issues!




Head of Marketing

I am the creative mind behind all things marketing! Want to make something look pretty? I'm your girl! My job is to essentially talk & communicate with people - something I am extremely good at!!

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A career spanning over many years in promotional merchandise, catalogue print, antiques, hotels, schooling and now warehouseing - I have a bit of knowledge on everything!


Raheleh Mohammadi

Legal Executive

I'm new to the team and spend my day checking the rules and regulations for the company. Making sure our contracts are airtight and policies are clear to ensure an easy journey with thefullworks!

Coming Soon!

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I am in charge of goods in, goods out, deliveries and the general organisation of the warehouse! If you need to find some stock I will always know exactly where to find it!


Emini Jaggan

eCommerce Administrator

I am new to the team and I am Joe's right hand girl! You can find me behind the scenes working away ensuring the backend of your online stores are in order thus, allowing the frontend to work flawlessly!

Development Office



Senior Developer

I spend my day coding and working on various sites - making them look perfect for our clients!

I work closely with Joe to ensure development processes run smoothly.



Senior Developer

I love working as a developer and helping clients build their online stores.
The weirder the request the more interesting my day is!!




Working with the variety of clients we have keeps my job exciting - no two days are ever the same!

I enjoy a challenge and tackling something I have not attempted before.

Shopkeepeasy - Team Local


John Harrison


I love helping local and global communities thrive. It's all about making it easy for them to use our platform, saving them time and finding innovative ways for them to raise more money.


Amanda Baddeley

Product Manager

I'm all about the product and making it as easy as possible for you to browse all our great lines and finding you the best new products - something I know a lot about as a self proclaimed shopaholic!


Sarah McCarthy

Account Manager

I've become adept at juggling and plate spinning for my clients! But if I'm not answering your questions and queries, I can be found reaching out to local communities, spreading the good work of ShopKeepEasy.

Account Manager


Who Are TFW?

thefullworks was established in 2015 but was in the mind of the founder, Simon for 10 years prior.

It has never been easier for anyone to sell online, store, collate, and deliver products and services around the globeWith multiple sales channels and organisational apps, drop-shipping and multiple payment gateways to make buying online easier, eCommerce has never had it so good!

thefullworks not only provides solutions that enable retailers and distributors to stay ahead of the competition, but also to maximise revenue.

We provide an agile approach to scale global growth more quickly and we have become a trusted partner to companies, large and small.

Through thefullworks solutions made easy, you can create a website or connect it to an existing one created on platforms such as Shopify or Woocommerce to process your orders. You can store your products in one of our global distribution centres as well as collating, Kitting, and packaging your products, so we can deliver them globally.

Our Mission

Why Are We Different?

We felt that there was something missing. Why do the same as everyone else when you could stand out from the crowd?

When the thefullworks was originally founded, it was all about  building an eCommerce platform to generate revenue - making seamless connections between other software platforms, procurement systems and global distribution companies.

In today’s market, companies in the UK offer one specific aspect of the process, whether that is building the webshop, storing of the goods, or deliveries. The gap in the market, and where we strive to be a leading eCommerce solutions company, is as an end-to-end services provider – we provide it all! We streamline the operational process by providing the convenience of being able to use one company rather than coordinating multiple unrelated partners.

Whilst we have standard templates in our platform, most of our clients prefer to customise their storefront designs. Our approach to building eCommerce websites is to work with you to create the shop that you wish to have. Whilst “build-your-own” websites exist in the marketplace, we take on a more personal approach, helping you to build your perfect brand and shop.

solutions made easy.

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